Trot Canter Gallop

This three-part program is designed for beginner to advanced riders wanting to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Participants learn the fundamentals of good horsemanship, important aspects of riding technique and etiquette, and effective application of safe horse practice – all in a fun, immersive environment.

Choose the right stage

If you’re a beginner rider, you’ll want to start with Trot. You can sign up to the Trot program on its own, or the whole Trot Canter Gallop program and work your way up.


Providing beginner riding and horse management skills, this is suggested for all keen would-be riders aged 12 and over.

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Providing intermediate riding and horse management skills for riders 12+, particularly those with easy access to a horse. However, many Riding Centres can also provide a horse if needed.

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Advanced riding and horse management skills for competitive riders, including those moving into coaching.

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